The MSM (MainStreetMindwashers) will have you believe the US State Department line that the Taliban is doomed — hamstrung by terrorism, political stability, and social problems such as co-ed education not to mention, political recognition and a lack of fashion sense. Really, those white robes, sandals and turbans? …


I miss you, Donald!

I called you “the Blowback President” because whatever you did, it seemed to blowback in ways that hurt the US of A and the policies and intents that had been nurtured by successive presidents since WWII.

Your failures were not really your own since they were…

Fantasy Land

The New York Times would never publish someone like me.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some headline like the one above, given their penchant for accepting whatever stories “intelligence sources” (anonymous) tell them, despite actual facts screaming “Fiction, fiction”.

If you are like…

COVID is like the Kardashians. There are many of them. Each different. But each… a Kardashian.

Why oh why can we not have vaccines for the Kardashians? Then again, as in the case of COVID, vaccines won’t make the problem go awsay.

You see COVID19 is not just one virus…

By Julian Macfarlane

FOF. Fear Of Fascism.

Many fear Japan re-militarizing.

Ex-Prime Minister Abe’s attempts to revise the “Peace Constitution”, Japanese support for American activities in the South China Sea, military moves by the Japanese to “protect” the Diaoyu Islands off Taiwan — and many other things like these worry a lot of people.

As I have said, there is no way that the Japanese are going to let the Yakuza dominated right wing impose pre-war militarism on Japan.

Courtesy WikiCommons

At the end of World War II, Japan was poor. It had been totally destroyed. …

Julian Macfarlane

Rogue: scholar, writer, thinker. A polymath and modern hunter-gatherer. Author of Ageing Young and Pan Ludens.

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