Losing the Unlosable Election

In 2016, Trump had some advantages — he had no political record and he also promised change — which as we know from Obama is always a winner as far as electoral strategy goes— not that presidents usually carry through on their promises, certainly not Obama.

Trump was campaigning against the “Deep State”, which distresses a lot of people right across the political spectrum — Right-wing populists, independents and Left-wing progressives. Hillary, by contrast, was the Poster Girl for the One Percent, including their obedient eunuchs in government, who work behind the scenes in the murky depths — what Trump called the “Swamp”.

Trump was funny, straight forward,ignorant perhaps but at least he believed whatever he said at the moment he said it — although that could change a day later. In this respect he was EveryMan and that resonated with the public.

He was also a boorish bully and buffoon.

So Hillary won the popular vote and lost in the electoral college. Thinking people stayed home and didn’t vote. Kinda of like going to a restaurant and have to choose between rat meat and mouse meat. You look at the menu and yech — you leave.

in 2020 Trump now has a political record. Rather amazingly he has kept some of his promises. He cancelled TPP, renegotiated NAFTA, and managed to keep the US out of foreign wars, while downsizing military in Germany, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

On the other hand, he continued long-standing State Department policies, supported by the Democrats on Latin America, Israel, Yemen, Russia, the Ukraine and China.

He is not one to let the Damnednocrats “out-right” him so when Neo-Nazis Biden and Pelosi accused him of being soft on the Chinese, he began pushing the ever popular racist Yellow Peril button. Worked for Hitler with Jews.

He didn’t go to war with Syria and Russia as Hillary might have, just got by with a few missile strikes with polite warnings before hand. He didn’t go to war with Iran, as Hillary might have — just bombed a general and ordered sanctions. His environmental policies are not significantly different from Obama’s.

The Democrats always LOOK better than “Conservatives”, despite being conservative themselves. They simply lie better. Obama was REALLY good at that. Hillary not so much. And Biden? Worse. Much worse.

Biden has a lonnnnnnnnnngggg political record. He has served the American one percent and the Deep State ever so much better than Trump over the years. Hi policies have promoted racism and racial injustice, as well as sexism. He helped add Scalia and Thomas to the Supreme Court. He is a serial sexual harrasser, and clearly likes underage girls. He is in the pocket of Big Pharma and the Medical Insurance companies, not to mention the military, industrial, educational and prison complexes. Now he is paired with a quarter “black” woman who claims to be “black” but is true “blue”

Remember when Warren was pilloried for bringing up her Indian DNA.

Biden is appealing to NeoCons for support. Some of those people should have been hanged for war crimes. No matter — he is trying to run to the right of Trump.

He has alienated progressives by proclaiming no need for progressive policies in health or welfare or climate change until half the population of the US dies. Does Biden have a base at all? Polls indicate not — despite Media propaganda proclaiming as the second coming of Christ.

Bad as Trump is, he knows his base.The are enthusiastic supporters. And they draw in the less enthusiastic but equally fearful multitudes on their edges.

It could be 2016 all over again.

MAYBE! I am not predicting at this point. Too much can happen in the next two months..

November is the election. The first vaccines will be available a month later. COVID fatigue is already setting in. People are just getting used to it. You can only stay fearful so long. And Trump’s message, “It’s really not that bad…temporary…” becomes reassuring to some.

In any case, with two parties not offering anything really, the majority of Americans, with low Stupidity Quotients, will simply not come out to vote.

So Trump CAN win!


The good news is that since the two parties are in practical terms indistinguishable in policy, it really doesn’t matter who wins. Of course, the Democrats are more likely to start a war. Also, this election will be the end of the Democratic Party as we know it — win or lose.

If they win, people will realize that the DNC serves only rich white people. Biden doesn’t have Obama’s skills at the “con”.

If Trump wins, it is clear that the DNC cannot change itself —that is cannot learn from failure and must be replaced by a new party.

So, there is hope in 2024. But with climate change accelerating — and more pandemics on the horizon — that may be too late.



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