Fascism is neofeudal — a top-down system in which the Few rule the Many —and, like all feudal systems, it takes many forms.

Framed this way, America’s war with Hitler was not a war between “democracy” and “fascism” — it was a war between two competing totalitarian models, both neofeudal — or, as we call it today, “neoliberal”.

America has always been a fascist state by this definition — but, a very sophisticated one, since it offers the illusion of freedom and liberty while making every effort to make sure that the “people” do what they are told.
It is sometimes called “subtle totalitarianism” or “inverted totalitarianism”.

Smoke and mirrors makes the US of A arguably worse than anything Adolph could dream up.

Our fascist system is something inherited from the British and it evolved over centuries.

Britain, after all, is an ethnically mixed society. First, it was the Britons, the Celts and Picts, then the Romans, then the Saxons and the Jutes and the Angles. Then the Danes. Then the Normans, Each group had its own culture and each competed for place, with some rising to power over others. One group after another took power — always through violence.

But power won violently cannot be maintained in the long term to the benefit of the winners without the the cooperation of the conquered. Consent needs to be somehow suborned. After that, institutional or state violence is used to keep order and also to exterminate those who don’t “fit” in with the existing mythology being imposed from above. In the US, the result was a genocide far greater than Hitler’s.

Early America was also ethnically diverse. The Rulers of the early Republic talked a lot about freedom and liberty — but they made sure that this remained just parlor conversation.

The Indians would not fit in. So they were exterminated. African Americans were enslaved. At first, formally; then informally, after the Civil War until this day when prison culture has replaced the plantation culture of the South.

By contrast, Hitler’s Germany was really created by Bismarck in the 19th Century — a confederation of ethnically diverse Germanic states, which Russia, the UK, France, and America were at pains to destroy in WWI, a country arguable more democratic than any of its enemies.

Then came Germany 2.0. The Jews were Hitler’s Indians. Belsen and Buchenwald were his versions of reservations with the murder of Jews, Roma and Slavs, equivalent to the murders encouraged by bounties put on Indians in the 19th Century.

FDR did not care about the Jews. Nobody in the US did — except, of course, the Jews. But Hitler had managed to turn the German economy around a lot faster than he could. FDR realized that America would fail without the social regimentation offered by a “good war”.

The differences between Hitler and FDR were largely cosmetic — except that FDR was an imperialist and Hitler was nationalist.

No, Adolph did not want to conquer Europe! Nor even incorporate the USSR into a German European empire. Such ambitions, if realized, would have made it impossible to maintain his dreams of Germanic racial purity.

FDR, like all American presidents, then and since, thought America was the “exceptional nation”, uber alles. America should rule the world. And, with the USSR’s defeat of Germany at the cost of 20 million of its people’s lives, America has done exactly that . An exhausted USSR could never compete.

Hitler was a student of American culture and borrowed American ideas of racial purity and eugenic progress to push his notion of the Aryanism. But his was childish atavism compared to the Anglo-American concept of rule by Aristos –a ruling class defined not by race or education — but by economic power.

Ethnic unity has never been the goal in American — rather, the contrary — ethnic division and competition, in a fundamentally hierarchical system with scapegoats at the bottom, the omegas which all the betas above can use for whatever purpose, while the alphas play at the top. America’s vaunted “diversity” serves this purpose, allowing neofeudal divide and conquer.

Today, we see the true face of America. Thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump is not really different from any other President. He is just more honest. Obama said “we are the exceptional nation”. But he dressed that idea up in moral hypocrisy. No matter, “exceptional” means: “we are the fuck you nation” .

The US of A is like Dorian Gray. Hidden away in the attic is it’s real image: evil, corrupt, pustular and ugly.

The Dorian we see in the drawing room is a fiction projected by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, using human rights, equality, democracy, the agency of the individual, and moral vision as makeup tools.

To climb the stairs to our intellectual attic results in nasty, traumatic moment of cognitive dissonance. That painting is us! You and me. Evil.

America is indeed the Great Satan. And you and I are little ones. Trump’s great sin is that he shows us our true face.

Rogue: scholar, writer, thinker. A polymath and modern hunter-gatherer. Author of Ageing Young and Pan Ludens.