The Worst Fake News and Conspiracy Sites

Who is lying to you?

You are probably wanting to know who are the greatest distributors of “fake news’ and “conspiracy theories”.

Clearly there are media falsely representing themselves as sources of facts and news, but merely peddling propaganda.

So beware. Don’t let your kids, especially impressionable teenagers, be led astray by their lies.

Beware, don’t be brainwashed.

Here’s a list of the worst propaganda sites:

The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Guardian,
The Wall Street Journal.
The Financial Times
The Economist.
Fox News

And here are some of the conspiracy theories these fake news sites supported.

· Saddam’s links to Al Qaeda

· Saddam’s WMD

· Afghanistan’s involvement in 9/11

· Massive human rights violations by Gaddafi’s troops (never happened)

· Gas attacks by the Syrian government on rebels (since disproven)

· Assad as an absolute dictator (he has a lot of power but is not an absolute dictator, in fact, a reformer)

· Uighur concentration camps

· Iranian nuclear weapons technology (Iran is theocratic and there is a fatwa against nuclear weapons and their use)

· Iranian sponsorship of terrorism (the Iranians were active in the war against Al Qaeda and ISIS)

· Russian attacks on the Ukraine. (the Russian military never participated in military action in the Ukraine

· Russian occupation of the Crimea (the Crimeans exercised their rights to rejoin Russia in a democratic vote)

· Venezuela’s Maduro as a dictator. Maduro was elected democratically in an internationally monitored election)

· Nicaragua’s Ortega as a dictator (he is democratically elected)

· Julian Assange as a Russian stooge (Assange also criticized the Russians)

· The Salisbury poisoning as a Russian plot (since disproven)

And more recently:

· Russiagate (no evidence at all)

· Chinagate: COVID19 as the result of Chinese mismanagement, a plot against the western world.

I am sure there are more.

You can add to the list.

Rogue: scholar, writer, thinker. A polymath and modern hunter-gatherer. Author of Ageing Young and Pan Ludens.